Crack Seal


Pavement and Parking Lot Crack Sealing

Our crews at Advanta-Kleen Sealcoat & Striping take great pride in our work to fill your driveway or parking lot’s cracks , which will give it the longest life possible. We take great steps to ensure the highest quality crack sealing.

Advanta-Kleen Sealcoat & Striping offers proven crack sealing techniques to professionally seal cracks in your asphalt and block out the elements. The first step is to make sure all cracks are completely cleaned and free of dirt, weeds, and any other matter. We use a crack cleaner to remove all weeds and dirt to provide a good surface to adhere to.

Crack Sealing Steps

At Advanta-Kleen Sealcoat & Striping we take pride in filling the cracks inyour driveway or parking lot to give it the longest life possible.

Step One: Parking Lot Preparation & Cleaning with our Billy Goat Crack Cleaner

Step Two: Crack Sealing – Hot Polymeric Sealant is used for all cracks a quarter inch and larger.

Step Three: Sanding – Crystalyzed Carbon (Black Sand) is used on hot rubber sealant to add traction and asphalt texture to the crack repairs. It also helps with the sealer adhering to the repairs better.
Hot Rubber Crack Sealing

Advanta-Kleen Sealcoat & Striping understands the demands the Houston climate makes on asphalt parking lots. That is why we use Sealmaster Crack Master Supreme, specifically engineered to withstand extreme temperature changes. Sealmaster Crack Master Supreme expands and contracts as temperatures rise and fall this product will keep cracks sealed in any weather.

Water, sunlight, cold, and traffic can widen cracks at an alarming rate. Eventually, these cracks, if gone untreated, can lead to complete pavement breakdown, requiring that you replace your entire driveway.

One application of Sealmaster Crack Master Supreme will seal out water and other harmful materials much longer than ordinary asphalt fillers.