Parking Lot Striping


Parking Lot Striping


Advanta-Kleen Sealcoat & Striping offers parking lot striping and painting of all existing pavement markings for commercial and industrial parking lots.

It is important as a business or property owner to have clearly visible pavement markings to ensure the safety of anyone driving or parking at your facility or property.

We ensure your pavement markings abide by federal laws and standards, Advanta-Kleen Sealcoat & Striping will use the proper equipment and layouts to get the most out your parking lot.

Our professional machines are used to stripe each spot and we snap chalk lines for each and every line.

We use the standard stencils and cross hatched lines for handicap parking spots and we use cross hatches to designate no parking areas.




Parking Lot Line Striping

Refreshing the lines and markings in your parking lot enhances your company‘s image, improves overall safety, and can make sure you comply with all current laws and regulations.

Fresh, clear markings help you:

  • Comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Help people quickly and efficiently find disabled parking
  • Make sure Fire Lanes and No Parking areas clearly marked
  • Provide highly visible markings for safe vehicle and pedestrian traffic
  • Protect you from lawsuits from worn and poorly visible markings
  • Make a good first impression from customers and visitors



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