Pressure Washing

Whether your paving is a new surface or existing surface Advanta-Kleen Sealcoat & Striping of Houston, TX has the latest equipment available to give all types surfaces a high quality finish. The pros at Advanta-Kleen Sealcoat & Striping can inspect any surface and set-up a routine maintenance schedule that will keep your surfaces looking good.
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Do you have an inspection or a grand opening? Then, let the professionals at Advanta-Kleen Sealcoat & Striping enhance the look of your property with some parking lot striping and pressure washing. We have around the clock service available and there isn’t a pressure washing or parking lot striping job too big or small.


















Pressure washing is the quickest and most effective way to get rid of surface dirt, faded or spilled paint, mildew and any other types of materials that can collect on your buildings or parking lot. Pressure washing is also the best method for surface preparation for all types of painting or sealcoating.